Core Values

At Kreative Kids Academy, our core values are the foundation of everything we do. Respect, love, and relationship-building guide our interactions and foster a positive, nurturing environment. Safety is paramount, ensuring a secure setting for children to explore and grow. Intentionality in our actions ensures that every decision supports our mission of comprehensive child development. Together, these values shape a caring and constructive community for both staff and children.


We offer a Childcare Fringe Benefit to support our employees with their own childcare needs, alongside paid vacation and holidays to ensure they have ample time to relax and rejuvenate. We also provide opportunities to earn bonuses and provide scholarships for those aspiring to advance their education in early childhood development.

Childcare Fringe Benefit

Paid Vacations and Holidays

Opportunities for Bonuses


Teacher playing with the child

Our Culture

Our culture is built around a team approach, where every member contributes to creating a nurturing environment. We believe that when our staff feels valued and supported, they are better equipped to provide the best possible care and education for our children. We aim to ensure everyone within our community, from teachers to students, experiences a sense of belonging and joy. By prioritizing communication, respect, and mutual support, we cultivate a positive atmosphere that enhances learning, development, and well-being for all.
Teacher playing with a school-ready child


Teachers, Educational Coaches, & Child Care Experts

Part-Time and Full-Time options! Our open positions are an Infant and Toddler Teacher, and a Preschool Teacher.

Please apply by completing this simple form here and attaching your resume.

Infant & Toddler Teacher Info
Preschool Teacher Info

Administration and Facility Support & Staff

Part-Time and Full-Time options! No current openings, but we are always taking resumes and looking for great talent!

Please send us your resume using this simple form, and select the position option: No position – I want to send in my resume.

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