Our Normal Daily Schedule

We tailor our daily schedule to meet the unique needs of our families. We know every family has its own routine, and we adapt to this by working with parents to create a drop-off and pick-up schedule that fits their specific needs. With most children staying with us for around 9 hours, our flexible approach ensures their day is packed with engaging and educational activities in a structured environment, maximizing their learning potential. For parents working longer shifts, we understand your challenges and offer extended hours on an individual basis. Our aim is to support our families as best we can!

Tuition Costs

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Kreative Kids books and teaching curriculmn

Payment Options

Payments are processed directly through our child management software, ensuring easy and secure transactions for families. This system allows parents to manage their financial obligations conveniently from anywhere, at any time. Our approach simplifies the payment process, enhancing accessibility and reducing hassle for all our users.
Kreative Kids App Payment system example

Enrollment Form

Enrollment Form information coming soon!


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