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Our Philosophy

Kreative Kids Academy ignites lifelong curiosity and learning from the start. We go beyond traditional daycare expectations, creating an environment where active learning thrives. Our approach centers on hands-on, interactive learning that encourages children to explore and discover. Without TV's and with a rich curriculum, every day is an opportunity for growth and exploration.

As a preschool, we prioritize education and development. We address parent's and children's needs for quality early learning. Our nurturing space prepares children for the future, alleviating parent's childcare concerns. "Grow With Us" isn't just our tagline; it's our commitment to nurturing academic and personal development in a caring, engaging environment.


Our Food Program

At Kreative Kids Academy, our Food Program is crafted with care for our young learners' health and well-being. We understand nutrition's vital role in children's development, offering a comprehensive meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks—all made right here by our team. Each meal is homemade, providing nutritious, balanced, and delicious food daily. These healthy meals, included in tuition, support physical growth and encourage positive eating habits early on.

Our dedication to health and nutrition reflects our commitment to the holistic development of the children we serve, ensuring they have all they need to flourish at Kreative Kids Academy.

Safety at Kreative Kids Academy

Kreative Kids Academy places the highest priority on the safety and security of our children and staff. We've implemented comprehensive safety measures to create a secure space where parents feel at ease and children can freely explore and learn. Our facility features locked doors that parents can access exclusively with key fobs, ensuring controlled entry and exit. Cameras installed throughout the academy provide continuous supervision, adding to our multi-layered security strategy.

Coupled with our staff's training in emergency preparedness and child safety, these measures highlight our dedication to making our academy a safe environment for educational advancement and development.

Parent using the Kreative Kids App

Parent Updates & Communication

We value open and transparent communication with parents as a top priority. Our team recognizes how crucial this is for building trust and a collaborative atmosphere for children's development. With our childcare management software, we ensure parents stay informed about their child’s day-to-day activities, progress, and special moments through direct messages, updates, and notifications.

St. Luke’s Partnership

Kreative Kids Academy is excited to announce an upcoming partnership with St. Luke's to support families of community healthcare workers. This partnership addresses the specific needs of healthcare professionals, especially those working longer shifts, by providing a dependable, nurturing childcare solution tailored to their challenging schedules. Together, Kreative Kids Academy and St. Luke's are committed to offering high-quality, educational care for hospital staff's children, reflecting our joint dedication to the well-being of our community's families.


We absolutely love Kreative Kids Academy. They are the best daycare facility in Twin Falls, by far! Our daughter has learned so much from their creative curriculum and she is always bringing home beautiful artwork, learning new songs, dances, and even yoga! We recommend them to everyone we know!
I am so happy I found this place for my two kids. I have tried like 5 different daycares here in Twin Falls and none of them worked for me or my kids…I’m just so grateful I found Kreative Kids Academy because my kids do so well there. The teachers are amazing, they teach my kids how to play and be self-aware. I am forever grateful❤️
My daughter and I love the teachers here!