What Kind of Curriculum Does a Preschool Have?

April 18, 2024
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Preschool is not just a place for childcare; it’s a foundational setting for early learning and development. A high-quality preschool curriculum, like the Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum used at Kreative Kids Academy, is crafted to nurture young learners’ intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth. This curriculum is comprehensive, integrating various components to support children’s holistic development and prepare them for future academic success.


Literacy and Language Development

In preschools utilizing the Creative Curriculum, literacy and language development are supported through interactive storytelling, singing, and rich conversations. This approach helps children recognize letters and sounds, fostering early reading and writing skills while enhancing communication abilities crucial for ongoing learning.



The Creative Curriculum introduces early math concepts through playful, engaging activities, focusing on counting, shapes, patterns, and basic problem-solving. This hands-on approach aids in developing critical thinking and logical reasoning from an early age.



Leveraging the Creative Curriculum, preschool science becomes an exploration of curiosity and observation. Children engage with the natural world through hands-on experiments and outdoor activities, enhancing their understanding of scientific concepts and fostering a sense of wonder.


Social Studies

Within the framework of the Creative Curriculum, social studies in preschool cover community awareness and cultural diversity. Activities are designed to broaden children’s understanding of the world, promoting inclusivity and respect for different backgrounds and traditions.

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Art and Creativity

The Creative Curriculum emphasizes art and creativity, providing numerous opportunities for self-expression through various media. This not only nurtures artistic skills but also supports emotional and cognitive development, allowing children to convey their ideas and emotions constructively.


Physical Development

Physical activities are integral to the Creative Curriculum, promoting children’s health and motor skills through active play. This ensures a balanced approach to learning, combining cognitive development with physical growth.


Social and Emotional Development

A key component of the Creative Curriculum is its focus on social and emotional growth. Preschool is a prime setting for children to learn about empathy, cooperation, and problem-solving through guided social interactions and emotional support from teachers.


Practical Life Skills

The curriculum also incorporates practical life skills, encouraging self-reliance and daily living capabilities. This prepares children for everyday challenges and fosters independence, aligning with developmental milestones.


A well-rounded preschool curriculum like the Creative Curriculum offers a balanced, engaging, and flexible approach, catering to the diverse needs and interests of young children. It provides a structured yet adaptable environment, ensuring children are well-prepared for kindergarten and beyond. Parents should seek preschools that adopt such comprehensive educational frameworks, ensuring their child receives a holistic and enriching early education experience.


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